Small Group Training
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Small Group Training

Melissa MooreAre you motivated when surrounded by other motivated people? Do you feel a little competitive? Or do you need your workout to feel a little like a party? Then our small group classes are for you!

Unlike other group classes, we keep the numbers small so you are ensured continuity with your personal consultation and the classroom. You get personal support and lots of focus on correct form. (Correct form is where great fitness comes from.)

If you are new to exercising, don’t shy away from small group training. All activities include modifications. Listen to your body, modify as needed, and complete each movement with proper form. Everyone has started somewhere. Join a group training class and be motivated and encouraged by those around you.

Fitness that adapts to fuel the fun and personal goals

Classes are designed to include the right variety of activities for those in the class. And the workouts change weekly to keep your muscles guessing and keep the fun factor up.  You will never get bored!

Small group classes include:

• HIIT (high intensity interval training) – the most effective cardiovascular workout to lose body fat, keeping your body burning calories for hours after your workout is complete.

• Strength, balance, agility and speed components are incorporated into every workout. Every session will end with a focus on core strengthening and flexibility. These are often overlooked but are key components to our overall health as we age.

• Opportunity to ask fitness or nutrition questions to help keep you on track plus access to a private Facebook group with recipe ideas and tips.

Booking Your Classes

Purchase one of our Group Program packages below. Next, customize your workout plan by selecting classes online that fit into your schedule. No need to commit to a rigid time slot week to week – just book your classes based on availability. The schedule is constantly being modified and updated to accommodate our clients’ needs. Contact us if you don’t see a time that works for you. We will add more classes if the demand is there!

Group Programs

• 1:1 Personal assessment

• 1 hour fitness classes

• Access to private Facebook group with weekly recipes, home workouts, articles and accountability.

Single Visit Pass

$18 per class

10 Visit Pass

  $150 ($15 per class)

30 Visit Pass

  $360 ($12 per class)


Fitness + Nutrition – Set yourself up for success!

Includes 8 Small Group Training Classes per month + Nutrition Coaching

  $120 per month (6 month commitment)

Group Training Trial Offer – $99

Three week trial for up to 6 small group training sessions.
Includes a one hour nutrition consultation PLUS a 1:1 personal assessment.