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A food-friendly fitness formula that gets results

Our home-based studio offers scheduled group and private training options with a holistic focus on getting fit…no matter what your starting point is.

Our fundamental focus is to offer food and fitness as one solution…which seems the obvious path to your health goals, right? We thought so too!

Fulcrum is committed to creating the best possible outcome for you with our personal assessment approach for every client, to ensure you get exactly what YOU need. Our nutrition and fitness programs are carefully crafted based on 3 uncompromising philosophies:

• No fake food, no fake diets, no fake people!
• When you commit to yourself, we are committed to your results!
• Small changes over time, lasting results for life!

Melissa Moore1) No fake food, no fake diets, no fake people

A commitment to a Fulcrum program is a commitment to feeling fabulous on the first day! Why? Because we have already removed a bunch of the crap that has stopped you from showing up in the first place…

• Guilt trip free zone. Not from us. Not within yourself.
• No shakes, no supplements and no upsells to quick fix programs… no exception.
• Real food and real people who eat real food are cool. The latest trend in food replacements and yoga gear is just fluff.

Look, real food fuels your body best. Real food provides the best energy, vitamins, minerals, water and other nutrients that are vital to your body’s performance, mood and overall long term health, immunity against the common cold/flu and to fight disease.

We are realists. Food is a very important aspect of our social lives. We all “need” a good glass of wine, beer, coffee shop treat or other indulgence now and again. Enjoying in moderation is important for our mental well-being and our social lives. We celebrate our successes, failures, friendships and traditions over some of our best meals.

We want you to learn to celebrate life, making balanced food decisions that support your goals while still allowing you to be social.

2) When you commit to yourself, we are committed to your results

Whether you are looking for general health improvement or facing a specific health concern, we are able to help. When you commit and show up to our moderate fitness and nutrition programs, you will see these results:

In 3 weeks:

Energy and confidence you haven’t felt in years! Imagine a stronger immune system, better sleep and bragging rights that you took care of yourself really well for a few weeks (and can keep it up).

In 3 months:

Fit into favorite clothes found in the back of your closet and pride in re-framing your lifestyle! You can move with greater ease and you are flexible! You feel like a new version of yourself…and it wasn’t that hard to get there!

In 6 months:

Your body composition has changed! You’ve had fat loss and gained lean muscle mass. You have made healthy eating a habit without feeling like you are deprived of delicious food, and are enjoying a balanced lifestyle!

3) Small changes over time, lasting results for life

Fulcrum is NOT a quick fix. And neither are you. And that’s okay!

Avoiding quick fixes, fads and fake stuff, starting today, is what will make your commitment to yourself last your lifetime.

We know the amount of nutrition, fitness and health information out there can be overwhelming! Our program is designed to get people back to basics: eating healthy, minimally-processed, nutrient-packed foods specific to your body’s needs and requirements, but still allowing you to enjoy your life!

The Fulcrum food-friendly fitness team is ready for you! Are you ready for your best self?