About Us
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About Us

Welcome to Fulcrum Fitness + Nutrition

My name is Melissa Moore. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

Through my personal journey I have found a passion for health and fitness – a passion that I want to share with others. I know how amazing the effects of regular exercise paired with basic, good food can be…without feeling deprived, guilty or overwhelmed by fads! I am committed to helping others reach their goals, like I did mine.

The Healthy Reality

I have always maintained an active lifestyle but after having three kids life got a little hectic and I realized that I was no longer making myself a priority. When I decided to refocus on myself, I fell for every quick fix, supplement, shake, wrap and pill on the market. It doesn’t work. Not in a sustainable way that makes you feel great or allow you to enjoy REAL food!

Role Modeling

After failing at all the fads, I went on a quest to fully understand the effects of nutrition on our bodies and how to properly feed MINE for life. I did this to improve my own overall health and to be the best role model for my children I can be. As a mother of three girls, it is extremely important to me to show them the importance of eating a balanced diet and being active. Kids don’t do as you say, they do as you do. I don’t want my kids to see mom sitting down at breakfast to a meal replacement shake and taking ‘trim fast’ pills thinking this is normal as they eat their oatmeal. Neither do you.

Fitness + Food Formula

After finding the best formula for fitness for me, while also enjoying really good food, I feel better (and stronger) than ever. I have more confidence, lots of energy and can keep up to my energetic family.

Focus on You

I will not TELL you what to do, I will TEACH you how to do it yourself. My goal is to educate my clients how to live a fit and healthy life forever, not for the next 30 days or 3 months. This is a long-term lifestyle change, one that you can be proud of and role model to your friends and family!